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No other part of your body must withstand more daily wear and tear than your feet. Because they support the bulk of your body's weight and are comprised of many small bones, muscles and tendons, there is a lot that can go wrong. Podiatric issues are often quite painful, and can have profound negative impacts on your quality of life. Luckily, at Dr McHugh and Associates P C we offer a variety of specialized treatments which require minimal recovery time and yield consistently fantastic results.
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Common foot problems

Below, you can read about some of the more common problems that we treat. It is important to note that these are only descriptions, and that proper diagnosis can only be performed by your doctor.

Bunions - Bony protrusions at the base of the big toe. Often corrected through custom orthotics, new shoe gear or through surgical correction.

Hammer Toes - Buckled or curled toe joints caused by overly tight tendons and muscular imbalances. While dealing with the resulting calluses and changing footwear or adding padding may prove effective relief, more serious cases may require surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis - A damaged or overly stretched plantar fascia may cause pain along the bottom of the foot where the heel and arch meet. Custom orthotics, cortisone injections, orthopedic strappings, non-invasive shock wave therapy or endoscopic surgery can all provide effective relief with minimal recovery times.

Neuromas - These abnormal nerve growths often appear between the 3rd and 4th digits, and may cause a burning pain in the ball of the foot, tingling or numbness between the toes, or the feeling of walking on a pebble. Injections of Cortisone, alcohol solutions, or other anti-inflammatory medications along with custom shoe gear can alleviate symptoms. Neuromas can also be removed surgically in bad cases.

Ingrown Nails - Sometimes the nail can grow into the surrounding skin, causing sharp pain when walking or even infection. The nail may be trimmed to relieve pain or in extreme cases, the root of the nail may be destroyed on one side to prevent it from reoccurring. Antibiotics are used to combat infection.

Thickened Nails - Caused by pressure from shoes, injuries to the toe, fungal infections, diabetes or vascular disease, toenails can become overly thick, soft, brittle and even turn yellow in color. In such cases, you should seek medical help rather than try to remove the nail yourself.

Warts - Warts are caused by viral infections, and can proliferate in a variety of painful forms, even spreading to other people through contact. Your podiatrist can perform debridement of the lesion(s) through surgery or an application of acid.

Tendonitis - There are four major tendons (anterior tibial, posterior tibial, Achilles, peroneal)  in your foot that can cause significant pain with overuse. Rest is the number-one prescription for recovery, along with injections, ice and/or heat applications and anti-inflammatory medications for alleviation of symptoms. Shoes that provide the correct support for your level of activity can greatly help as well.

Diabetic Foot Care - Diabetic patients are at a greater risk for infection, and should have their feet checked regularly. Neuropathy can disable a person's ability to detect pain sensations, leading them to be unaware of cuts or sores that can develop into serious issues. Customized shoe gear can help diabetic patients maintain good foot health, and can have one pair paid for by Medicare per calendar year. We carry the Dr. Comfort line of shoes, which are on display in all of our offices.

John M. McHugh, D.P.M.

Dr. Hugh is a Board Certified medical practitioner, and is associated with the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Podiatric Primary Medicine. He is a 1984 graduate from the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine, and has been in private practice since 1985. You may make an appointment with him at our Watertown office.

David S. Mullen, D.P.M.

Dr. Mullen is a Board Certified medical practitioner, and is associated  with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and is a 2000 graduate of the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine. He joined our practice in 2002, and is available to see patients at our Wolcott office on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays, or at Watertown on Thursdays.

Ezra J. Dottino, D.P.M.

Dr. Dottino is a Board certified medical practitioner associated with the American Board of Multiple Specialties - Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine. He graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1996, and has been at our practice since 2004. He is available for appointments at the Watertown office on Fridays, Torrington on Tuesdays, and acts as the staff podiatrist for many local nursing home facilities.

Darren A. Winkler, D.P.M.

Dr. Winkler is a Board certified medical practitioner associated with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He is a 2002 graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, and joined our practice in 2009. You can make an appointment with him at the Watertown office on Tuesdays, and at the Torrington office on any other weekday.
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